Daikin air to air dark heat heat pump internal module




Have a hot room you want cooled? Perhaps a room with a lot of glass that get unbearably warm in the summer, or a bedroom in the roof that suffers from solar gain from the tiles, or is just in a sealed up well insulated house, where all the heat ends up in the bedroom. We can help very cheaply.

Air to air heat pumps

These are the wave of the future in the UK and have the following attributes:

  • Are simple to power and will typically run off a 13 amp supply, like your TV does
  • Quiet. Most only make 19db of noise, which is whisper quiet
  • Instant. The cooling is almost instant, as soon as it turns on the unit starts to cool the room
  • There are several models. The base model only provides cooling, but as you go up the range you can get Hepa filtration that takes out pollen in the air, a fine filter that can also take out bacteria and virus particles, and it can ionise the air in the room. The top model is also able to produce cheap and almost instant heat too.
  • You can run the cooling or heating from an app on your phone. No more looking for the remote.
  • Quick installation. The average installation can be completed within a day
  • Outdoor models can be wrapped to match the exterior of the building making them almost invisible, or powder coated any RAL colour
  • Coastal coating is also available and advisable within 20 miles or the sea, or near a busy road or an airport
  • Indoor units can be in a number of styles, utilising a number of different kind of wall mounted units, ducted or floor cased units
  • Can be used in single rooms or multi rooms on one system