Opus: Fired By Design

Opus Wood Stoves stand as the epitome of elegance and unrivaled functionality. It surpasses mere heating devices to elevate any living space into a realm of tranquility. Each Opus stove is meticulously crafted with an unwavering commitment to intricate detailing, resulting in a harmonious fusion of contemporary design and exceptional heating performance. Offering a diverse range of sizes and styles, Opus stoves cater to individual preferences, ensuring the perfect fit for every home. Not only do these stoves provide efficient heat output to keep you warm during colder seasons, but they also incorporate advanced technologies that promote a cleaner burn, minimizing environmental impact. Immerse yourself in the seamless marriage of style and warmth. Opus Wood Stoves redefine the very essence of cozy living. Let the artistry of Opus stoves transform your space into a sanctuary of serenity and refined comfort.

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Experience the Melody Woodburner – a 5kW model renowned for its beauty and controllability. With elegant clean lines and curved glass, it's a timeless design. Standing at 1105mm height, 508mm width, and 508mm depth, it perfectly balances form and function. Enjoy its impressive 77.4% efficiency. It provides efficient heat distribution and fuel consumption. Let the Melody Woodburner create an enchanting ambiance, blending style and performance flawlessly.