Electronic Heat Gun Variable (230V)

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Supplied in blow-moulded case. Ideal for removing tough coats of paint, varnish, cable heat shrink, removing labels, and many more applications.

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• Built in overheat protection
• Shaped for hands free use
• Blow moulded case
• Low Setting Applications: Drying paint, removing stickers, defrosting icy surfaces and frozen utilities, waxing and dewaxing and much more
• High Setting Applications: Bending plastic pipes and sheets, soldering plumbing joints, removing coatings of oil paint, lacquer, welding or thermoplastic polymer and much more.
• Comes complete with 5 piece accessory kit: Spoon reflector nozzle, cone nozzle, glass protection nozzle, fish tail surface nozzle, paint & varnish scraper


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