Black Nitrile Gloves Medium (Box of 100)

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A workers’ hands are the real tools of the trade, however it’s the one set of tools that cannot be fixed or replaced when they don’t get the proper protection. The Jefferson Gecko Grip Professional Nitrile Gloves offers all-round heavy duty protection, for a comfortable fit are available in sizes M and XL. • Latex-free comfort fit, black nitrile material
• “Diamond Dimple” texture for reliable grip
• Superior puncture resistance & protection
• Rolled cuff for additional strength
• Heavy-duty protection
• 100% Powder-free Fully tested and certified to offer resistance against certain bacterial, fungal micro-organisms and general use chemical-based products including:
• Solvents
• Antifreeze
• Petrol / Diesel
• Grease
• Lacquers
• Silicates
• Brake Cleaner
• Hand Cleaner
• Glass Cleaner
• Paint Thinners
• Engine & Hydraulic Oil
• Carburetor Cleaner
• Transmission Fluid
• Adhesive Remover
• Sodium Hydroxide / Corrosives

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A versatile and multi-purpose glove with ambidextrous fitting, providing superior heavy-duty protection and handling qualities.


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