15A Battery Charger 12V (15A 300sec Booster)

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• Suitable for charging battery capacities from 2 to 400Ah and maintaining all battery sizes
• Designed for charging all types of 12V lead-acid batteries including; Wet (Flooded), Gel, MF (Maintenance-Free), CA (Calcium), EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery), and AGM (Absorption Glass Mat) batteries
• 15A booster enables a fast charge within 300 seconds
• Temperature controlled

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  • Input Power 320W
  • Input Current 2.5A AC
  • Start Voltage >3V
  • Efficiency 85% (approx.)
  • Charger Type 8 steps, full-automatic charging cycle
  • Battery All types of 12V Lead-acid batteries
  • Max. Rated Capacity 2-400Ah, maintains all battery sizes
  • Ingress Protection Rating IP20
  • Gross Weight 1.75 kgs


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