Generators Power By Jefferson & Mac Gen

Introducing our cutting-edge Mac Gen (featuring Cummins diesel engines) and Jefferson generators. The epitome of energy-efficient technology. Whether you require power for your residence or business, our generators offer reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Because our units are designed to optimize electricity production while minimizing fuel consumption, our Mac Gen and Jefferson generators are a wise investment that saves you money. Ranging from 2.8kVA, our mobile generators are effortlessly installed and operated. This makes them a convenient choice for homeowners seeking automatic backup supply. Furthermore they also serve as an excellent solution for businesses in need of mobile electricity generation, whether it's for single or three-phase requirements.

Additionally, we proudly present a diesel-powered generator designed as a 180A welder generator, capable of handling up to a 3.2mm electrode.

But For businesses requiring a three-phase power supply with only a single-phase connection available on-site, our larger Mac Gen units with outputs of up to 150kVA are the perfect match. Therefore count on our expert installation services to ensure your generator is set up correctly and with utmost efficiency.

Here at The HeatWorks, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore our team of skilled technicians is committed to delivering exceptional service. Starting from the initial consultation and extending to ongoing maintenance and repair. Understanding the uniqueness of every home, we provide tailored solutions crafted to meet your specific needs.