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Welcome to The Heatworks! Your gateway to an expansive selection of Electric Style Heaters tailored to meet a wide range of heating needs and preferences. Our unwavering commitment to delivering superior heating solutions is evident in our comprehensive lineup, curated to cater to customers seeking varying levels of warmth, portability, and efficiency.

For those who value convenience and versatility, our compact and portable electric heaters emerge as the ultimate choice. Whether you're working diligently in a home office. Or even unwinding in your cozy living room. Or embracing the great outdoors. These portable models provide the flexibility to position them wherever you desire a comforting warmth. With their sleek designs and user-friendly features, they seamlessly blend into any environment, elevating both the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

So At The Heatworks, we hold energy efficiency in high regard, just as we do performance. Our selection of Electric Style Heaters encompasses models that prioritize energy-saving attributes while ensuring uncompromised warmth. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, such as programmable timers, thermostats, and intelligent sensors, these heaters optimize energy consumption. Therefore guaranteeing efficient heating while reducing your carbon footprint. Revel in the perfect harmony of comfort and sustainability, knowing that your chosen heating solution is purposefully designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Charton & Jenrick

Charlton & Jenrick Electric Heaters

The Charlton and Jenrick Electric Heaters offered by The Heatworks are renowned for their exceptional quality. Combining innovative technology, durable construction, and reliable performance. Delivering efficient and long-lasting heating solutions.

Media Masterpieces

The Heatworks offers Media Masterpieces, a remarkable collection of modular furniture designed to seamlessly integrate with any brand of fireplace. Providing a versatile and stylish solution for creating a captivating and functional media center in your home.

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